Here you will find some exercises to practise the use of passive voice.

1. Change the following sentences into passive voice

1.    The children laughed at the beggar.
2.    They elected him chairman.
3.    One should keep one’s promises.
4.    When will you return the book?
5.    Somebody has picked my pocket.
6.    Circumstances obliged me to agree.
7.    I saw him stealing the watch.
8.    We must listen to his words.
9.    Who broke this window?
10.    One cannot gather grapes from thistles.
11.    People regarded him as an impostor.
12.    Do not insult the weak and the oppressed.
13.    They refused him admittance.
14.    The doctor despaired of his recovery.
15.    The manager will issue you a ticket.
16.    He handed her a parcel.
17.    They asked me my name.
18.    We will execute all orders promptly.
19.    People all over the world speak English.
20.    They saw the storm approaching.

2. Rewrite the following sentences so that the verbs will be in the active voice.

1.    We are taught grammar by Ms Sullivan.
2.    He was praised by the teacher.
3.    The injured were taken to the hospital by the firemen.
4.    The town was destroyed by an earthquake.
5.    The teacher was pleased with the boy’s work.
6.    The building was damaged by the fire.
7.    By whom were you taught French?
8.    You will be given a ticket by the manager.
9.    The streets were thronged with spectators.
10.    We will be blamed by everyone.
11.    The trees were blown down by the wind.
12.    The thieves were caught by the police.
13.    The letter was posted by Alice.
14.    We were received by the hostess.
15.    The snake was killed with a stick.
16.    The minister was welcomed by the people.
17.    He was found guilty of murder.
18.    This house was built by John Mathews in 1991.

3. Fill in the blanks with suitable verb forms.

1.    The house ———————- by the masons.

a)    Is being built
b)    Has being built
c)    Is been built
d)    Is being building

2.    The city ———————-

a)    Has captured
b)    Has been captured
c)    Was been captured
d)    Had captured

3.    The boy ——————- for his honesty.

a)    Was been rewarded
b)    Has been rewarded
c)    Had rewarded
d)    Has been rewarding

4.    It —————– that honesty is the best policy.

a)    Was said
b)    Is said
c)    Is being said
d)    Has said

5.    Promises should —————-

a)    Be kept
b)    Be keeping
c)    Have kept
d)    Have been keeping

6.    It is time for the match ——————-

a)    To play
b)    To be played
c)    Is played
d)    Has been played

7.    I expect her ——————— by you.

a)    To be helped
b)    To help
c)    To have been helped
d)    Should be helped

8.    I want the work ——————— by noon.

a)    To finish
b)    To be finished
c)    Be finished
d)    To have been finished

9.    He ——————— by his own friends.

a)    Is been deceived
b)    Is being deceived
c)    Has being deceived
d)    Is deceiving

10.    The plan —————— by the committee.

a)    Has approved
b)    Has been approved
c)    Is been approved
d)    Had approved

11.    Have my orders —————— by you?

a)    Been carried out
b)    Be carried out
c)    Was carried out
d)    Being carried out

12.    The story was eagerly ———————-

a)    Listened to
b)    Been listened to
c)    Been listening to
d)    Listening to

13.    By whom was this piece of composition ——————–

a)    Been written
b)    Written
c)    Have been written
d)    Wrote

14.    Do not ———————- by failure.

a)    Be daunted
b)    Been daunted
c)    Daunted
d)    Daunt

15.    America ——————– by Columbus.

a)    Was discovered
b)    Discovered
c)    Had discovered
d)    Has discovered

16.    The tree —————— in the storm.

a)    Uprooted
b)    Was uprooted
c)    Had uprooted
d)    Has uprooted

17.    Our lives ——————— in anticipation.

a)    Are spent
b)    Are spend
c)    Was spent
d)    Have spend

18.    The wounded ———————– home by the firemen.

a)    Was carried
b)    Were carried
c)    Have carried
d)    Had carried

4. Fill in the blanks with suitable verb forms.

1.    The work ————————- by me.

a)    Has completed
b)    Has been completed
c)    Have been completed
d)    Have completed

2.    The patient is —————– after by the nurse.

a)    Looked
b)    Being looked
c)    Looking
d)    Been looked

3.    My pen —————— by somebody yesterday.

a)    Has stolen
b)    Has been stolen
c)    Was stolen
d)    Stolen

4.    The sparrows —————— by the old woman.

a)    Were being fed
b)    Have been feeding
c)    Were feeding
d)    Has been feeding

5.    The committee ——————– an unrealistic policy.

a)    Has adopted
b)    Has been adopted
c)    Was adopted
d)    Is adopted

6.    You ———————– to come with me.

a)    Are requesting
b)    Are requested
c)    Were requesting
d)    Have been requesting

7.    Let the door ——————–

a)    Be opened
b)    Been opened
c)    Is opened
d)    Was opened

8.    The thief ——————- red-handed by the policemen.

a)    Is catching
b)    Caught
c)    Had caught
d)    Was caught

9.    She had ——————- her work before sunset.

a)    Been finishing
b)    Been finished
c)    Finished
d)    Finishing

10.    His behavior ——————- me.

a)    Was surprised
b)    Surprising
c)    Surprised
d)    Was being surprised

11.    The field ——————- by the farmers.

a)    Is being ploughed
b)    Has being ploughed
c)    Has ploughed
d)    Had ploughed

12.    This book ———————– by John.

a)    Was brought
b)    Was bringing
c)    Brought
d)    Has brought

13.    Let this rubbish —————– away.

a)    Be thrown
b)    Is thrown
c)    Was thrown
d)    Has thrown

14.    Your failures ———————– by anybody.

a)    Will not be shared
b)    Will not been shared
c)    Will not shared
d)    Will not been sharing

15.    You ——————— by me in every way.

a)    Will be helped
b)    Will be helping
c)    Will helping
d)    Will have helped

16.    I offered him a chance and he ——————– it.

a)    Has grabbed
b)    Grabbed
c)    Was grabbing
d)    Was grabbing

17.    No survivors ——————

a)    Could be finding
b)    Could be found
c)    Was finding
d)    Had found

18.    The child ——————- by the speeding car.

a)    Has run over
b)    Was run over
c)    Was been run over
d)    Run over